Science alumni

King Ting Yik

King Ting Yik

Medical Laboratory Scientist, New Zealand Blood Service
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science

Finding the right donor is at the heart of every successful bone marrow or blood transplant. AUT science alumnus King Ting Yik is often the man who finds that perfect match.

“What I enjoy most about my work is the satisfaction when you find a donor that matches the patient who is really in need of a transplant.

“My responsibilities include DNA extractions, platelet typing and human leukocyte antigen typing, which are essential for donor matching. I’m constantly applying the practical molecular diagnostics skills I developed at AUT in my work now,” says King Ting who completed his Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science in 2015.

Creating career ready graduates
After initially considering a career as a pathologist, King Ting decide to come to AUT because of its reputation for creating career ready graduates.

“I had heard from others who went to AUT that the programmes include a lot of practical work in addition to the theory. I also liked that AUT could provide me with workplace experience in my final year, which I knew would put me ahead of a lot of people.”

Being invited to help with the opening of the new AUT Roche Diagnostics Laboratory was one of the highlights of King Ting’s studies.

“Only five students from the entire Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science students were chosen to help with the opening. During the opening night, I met a lot of people from labs around New Zealand, which gave me great insight into how labs work and current industry trends. It also gave me an understanding of other opportunities my degree can lead to.”

Advice for other students
While student life has some challenges it’s important not to give up, King Ting says.

“If you’re about to give up, think about all the effort you’ve already put in. Is it really worth giving up all that just because of some challenges you’re facing now? And how will you feel looking at your student loan if you give up now? Stay in your degree – when you finish and look back, you’ll see it was worth all your struggles.

“Throughout the degree, my classmates and I were constantly helping each other out so we could all get good grades. This supportive environment promotes teamwork, which is a very important skill when you’re at work.”

Comprehensive student support
As an AUT student you have access to a large number of services to make the most of university life, he adds.

“The student ambassadors were very helpful to me when I first came to AUT; they were very welcoming and made me feel comfortable. I also appreciated the free food and other freebies the student union gives out, which helps when you’re on a tight student budget.”